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Become a flight instructor

Why choose iFly?


With a professional pilot license in hand, it is possible to teach the art of flying by getting a flight instructor rating. iFly College offers a comprehensive instructor training program that will provide you all the tools to pass on your passion with confidence, safety and professionalism.

On the flight deck and in the air, iFly has brought together the best flight instructors. Many of them are or have been pilots with the biggest Canadian airlines on Boeing 787, Airbus 330, Airbus 320, Lockheed L-1011, CRJ 705,  Citation X, ATR-42, DASH-8, BE-02, Pilatus PC-12, etc.

We believe that experienced and passionate instructors sharing their knowledge make all the difference.


instructor training

What can I expect?


As part of the flight instructor training program, you will get 25 hours of ground instruction and earn 30 flight hours, including 5 hours on teaching instrument flight techniques.

At iFly, being a flight instructor is much more than just flying and teaching. It's all about becoming a role model for our students and future pilots. Therefore our flight instructor training focuses on attitude, responsibility, management and security.


Please note that this training requires a minimum age of 18, a professional pilot license and a valid class 1 medical certificate.