Our aircraft

For the pilots of today and tomorrow.


At iFly College, we believe that our students should learn to fly today's aircraft, not those from the last century. That is why all our aircraft feature the latest avionics technologies such as Garmin's "glass cockpit" systems.


Cessna 172R

The ultimate training aircraft!


 The Cessna 172 is the ideal training platform for both beginners and  experienced pilots. Its great stability and predictable flight behavior let students learn quickly. In addition, our 172Rs have had their standard avionics replaced with Garmin G500 and 430 systems, allowing our students to train with today's technology. They are also certified for over-the-top (VFR) and instrument (IFR) training.

From their discovery flight all the way to their first solo flight, more pilots have realized their dream in a Cessna 172 than in any other aircraft.


Diamond DA20 C1 Eclipse

A sports car with wings.


In 1994, Diamond Aircraft launched their DA20 model. It was recognized in 2001 as the safest airplane by Aviation Consumer and went on to become the ultimate two-seater training aircraft of the 21st century. The US Air Force uses DA20's to train their pilots.

This Canadian-built training plane offers impressive flight performance. With its glass canopy and semi-inclined seating position, it will make you smile and stir your passion for aviation.


Diamond DA42NG

The light twin-engine of the future.


The DA42-NG allows maneuvers that cannot be performed with other light twin-engine aircraft. The design of its airframe, its TKS system allowing it to fly in icing conditions, the effectiveness of its avionics and its cutting-edge engine make it the light twin with the most advanced technology.

Our DA42 NG is equipped with two Austro diesel engines, each producing 168 horsepower. The traditional instrumentation has been updated to Garmin's G1000 avionics, a "glass cockpit" system that lets you learn to fly with tomorrow's technologies. It is also equipped with the GFC 700 autopilot, the most advanced to date in general aviation.