Pilot ratings

Fly with more freedom.


We want you to be the best pilot you can be. iFly College offers programs for all available licenses and ratings enabling you to enjoy maximum freedom and safety on every flight.


Night rating


This rating allows you to fly day or night and enjoy the pleasures of flying under the stars. Through this training, you will earn at least 10 flying hours.


Instrument (IFR) rating


Learn to fly without visual reference to the ground. Be less dependent on  weather conditions and more flexible in your travels. About 50 hours as PIC (cross-country) and at least 40 hours of instrument training are required to obtain this rating.


over-the-top (VFR OTT) rating


Flying above the clouds requires good judgment, good preparation and proper technique. 15 hours of instrument flight are required to obtain this rating often called "over-the-top".


 seaplane & bush pilot



The bush pilot or seaplane pilot training takes place in the heart of Quebec City, from the St. Augustin lake. Enjoy a stay in beautiful Quebec City while obtaining this ultimate freedom rating that your pilot friends will envy!

You will need at least 7 hours of flying to get your seaplane rating.


Become an instructor

Pass on your passion!


Do you hold a commercial pilot license and a solid flying experience? Do you wish to pass on your knowledge and your passion for flying? Through our flight instructor training program, you will learn how to teach others with confidence, safety and professionalism.


Please note that all ratings require a minimum age of 17 and a valid class 3 medical certificate.