Welcome to Ifly

Much more than a flight school.


Based in Quebec City, iFly College is an aviation training center at the cutting-edge of technology.

iFly trains future pilots looking for security, superior skills, confidence and altitude!


HElping you get your wings is our speciality.

Much more than a flight school, iFly College is a full aviation training center equipped with the latest technology. Our mission: make our students the best and most valued pilots in the industry.

iFly offers complete training programs ranging from private pilot to commercial pilot. Unlike other flight schools who target volume and rentability by training as many pilots as possible, iFly works with the most serious and ambitious candidates. We strive for quality, not quantity.

Unmatched pilot training.

On the flight deck and in the air, iFly has brought together the best flight instructors. Many of them are or have been pilots with the biggest Canadian airlines on Boeing 787, Airbus 330, Airbus 320, Lockheed L-1011, CRJ 705,  Citation X, ATR-42, DASH-8, BE-02, Pilatus PC-12, etc.

Our pilot instructors cumulate thousands of hours of experience, are still  active and regularly operate commercial flights.

While most flight schools rush to train young flight instructors without experience to increase their profits, we believe that experienced and passionate instructors sharing their knowledge make all the difference.

A real access to your future career.

iFly College is a member of the Chrono Aviation Group. We do not only teach you how to fly an airplane: we prepare you for a career in aviation. Whether flying Chrono Aviation's Pilatus PC-12's and Beechcraft 1900D's (BE-02) or flying other aircraft with other carriers who are always looking for new pilots ready to operate flights under 703 and 704, our primary objective is to give you true access to commercial pilot jobs.

Fly College is proud to be Chrono Aviation's official provider of new pilots, a proof that our flight training meets the highest industry standards.

Whether at the professional level or simply for pleasure, you deserve the very best training. At 1,000, 5,000 or 40,000 feet above the ground, one can’t afford to be careless.
— Mr. Dany Gagnon, iFly College

Our fleet

Welcome to the aviation of tomorrow.


Our aircraft are ultra-modern. Our C-172, DA-20 et DA-42 are all equipped with "glass cockpit" technology using Garmin G500 and G1000 systems. No more needles! With iFly, you will be ready to pilot today's and tomorrow's planes.

The most advanced flight simulators.

On the ground, our G500 and G1000 simulators (FTDs) are always available to our students at no extra cost. In addition, we are the only flight school in Quebec City offering "level D" simulators, the most technologically advanced in the country.



A powerful learning environment.


iFly College offers spaces specially designed for top-of-the-line pilot training. The premises are furnished and equipped to let you learn the disciplines of flying in a peaceful environment. You will find a multimedia room, workstations and rest areas where you'll be able to chat with other aviation enthusiasts.


our flight instructors

Experienced and passionate.


On the flight deck and in the air, iFly has brought together the best flight instructors. Our pilot instructors cumulate thousands of hours of experience, are still  active and regularly operate commercial flights.

We believe that experienced and passionate instructors sharing their knowledge make all the difference!


Airline pilot · Class 1 instructor · Pilot examiner and authorized officer of Transport Canada · Ratings on 21 different type of aircraft


President of iFly College, Laurent earned over 17,500 flight hours over the last 30 years including 15 years training other pilots. Laurent had his own aviation school (Dorval Aviation) and was operations manager and chief pilot for several 704 and 705 airlines. But above all, Laurent is a passionate instructor who cares about bringing the best out of you!


Commercial pilot · Head instructor · Class 1 instructor · Multi-engine and seaplane ratings


Alexandre is the co-founder of iFly College. A pilot since 2000, his passion led him to touch all spheres of aviation. He has over 4,000 flight hours. Alexandre is known for pushing yourself to the limits of your control but don't worry, he will put you at ease and will bring the best of you.


Commercial pilot · Class 3 instructor · Group 1 instrument, multi-engines and seaplane ratings


A Quebec City businessman, Rene fell in love for aviation in 1985 when he got his wings. His taste for adventure led him to fly over a large part of Quebec, Ontario, the United States, the Atlantic provinces and the Iles-de-la-Madeleine. If you have a flight plan, René is your man.


Commercial pilot + ATPL · Class 4 instructor · Class 1 instrument rating (France) and multi-engine rating (France)


This Quebec-born aviation enthusiast with more than 500 flight hours under his belt earned his license in France then returned to Quebec to start his career. An excellent teacher, Benoit has mastered the art of transmitting the basics of piloting and procedures. But above all, he will help you develop your ability to make good decisions.


Our story

Rising up with you since 2010.


Founded in 2010, iFly College (formerly Visionair Québec) has become a reference in the flight training industry in Quebec City. Since our early days, our goal as been to provide unmatched pilot training programs in a friendly and safe environment managed by aviation enthusiasts.

In 2013, our flight school won the Pierre-Rivest trophy awarded to the school with the best academic results in written exams as well as flight tests by Transport Canada.

In June 2016, Visionair Québec became iFly College, a member of the Chrono Aviation Group and the first flight training center in Quebec to offer programs for both future and current pilots.

With highly qualified flight instructors, ultra-modern aircraft and equipment at the cutting edge of technology, iFly College solidifies its position as a Canadian leader in pilot training and development.