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Why choose iFly College?


Whether you wish to fly for your own pleasure or want to become an airline pilot, you deserve the best training possible. This is why iFly College offers a complete flight training center equipped with the latest technologies, including the most advanced flight simulators on the market.

On the flight deck and in the air, iFly has brought together the best flight instructors. Many of them are or have been pilots with the biggest Canadian airlines on Boeing 787, Airbus 330, Airbus 320, Lockheed L-1011, CRJ 705,  Citation X, ATR-42, DASH-8, BE-02, Pilatus PC-12, etc.

We believe that experienced and passionate instructors sharing their knowledge make all the difference.


private pilot program


What can I expect?

As part of the private pilot training, you will get 40 hours of ground instruction in a warm, friendly environment where the passion of flying is at the hearth of conversations. You will earn a minimum of 45 hours of flying time on cutting-edge aircraft.

Depending on your availability, it takes from 2 to 10 weeks to complete the 40 hours of ground instruction. The in-flight portion takes between 2 to 6 months.


Our fleet

Welcome to the aviation of tomorrow.


Our aircraft are ultra-modern. Our C-172, DA-20 et DA-42 are all equipped with "glass cockpit" technology using Garmin G500 and G1000 systems. No more needles! With iFly, you will be ready to pilot today's and tomorrow's planes.

The most advanced flight simulators.

On the ground, our G500 and G1000 simulators (FTDs) are always available to our students at no extra cost. In addition, we are the only flight school in Quebec City offering "level D" simulators, the most technologically advanced in the country.


Plane purchase support


Buying a plane can be a complicated task. Let our aviation experts help you find the ideal aircraft according to your needs and budget.

We will guide you through all aspects of purchasing a plane, including search, inspection, price negotiation, registration and more. You will save time and money and will fully enjoy your new aircraft!


Frequently asked questions

About the private pilot program

What are the differences between the private pilot and the professional pilot licenses?

The private pilot license allows you to fly anywhere in Canada and the US with a single-engine aircraft without any passengers restriction. The professional pilot license allows you to work as a pilot for an air carrier company and get paid for your work.


What kind of ratings can be completed during the private pilot program?

Ratings offered at iFly College are night, instrument, VFR over-the-top and seaplane. All these ratings allow you to fly more freely and safely.


Do I need to complete the ground instruction before getting any flight time?

At iFly College, ground and in-flight instruction is completed simultaneously for every program. We know that practice makes learning more concrete and enjoyable. You can, however, start with either portion if you wish.


Can I attend my pilot training on a part-time basis? 

Absolutely! Most of our students who start a private pilot training program finish it on a part time basis. Of course, the completion of the training program is faster if you do it full time but we will gladly adapt to your schedule.


I already started my pilot training in another flight school. Is it possible to finish it at iFly College?

Yes! No matter where you are at in your training process, you can always finish it with us.


What kinds of aircraft are used for pilot training at iFly?

Through your private pilot training, you will fly up to 3 different types of aircraft including a Cessna 172R, a Diamond DA20 C1 Eclipse and a Diamond DA42NG.


Who will be my instructors?

On the flight deck and in the air, iFly has brought together the very best flight instructors. Many of them are or have been pilots with the biggest Canadian airlines on multiple types of aircraft. Our flight instructors cumulate thousands of hours of experience, are still active and regularly operate commercial flights.


Who can be a pilot?

Any man or woman at least 17 years of age and with a valid medical certificate can become a pilot.